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January 7, 2020

DP Paula Huidobro on Barry, Tallulah, working with Bill Hader, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Norman Lear

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 60: Paula Huidobro

Born in Mexico City, Paula Huidobro first became drawn to telling a story with images as a young teen while taking photography classes at the local museum of modern art. She went on to attend London International Film School, then the American Film Institute. One of her early learning experiences was as a camera intern on the film “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” for well-known cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki- also known as Chivo. Working with a fellow AFI grad, Paula DPd Tallulah, which was a Sundance Jury Grand Prize Nominee. When the opportunity to DP the HBO hitman/dark comedy “Barry” came along, Paula was thrilled to work with actor/creator Bill Hader on finding the balance between violence and comedy. It showed- she was nominated for an Emmy award for her cinematography on “Barry.” Paula is currently shooting season four of the FX television series “Fargo.”

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Close Focus discussion: “Filmmaker Mode” for new TVs has been endorsed by several directors so that their vision is presented in the original aspect ratio, color and frame rates.

Ben’s short end: Ben’s obsession is the end-of-the-year movies which usually means prestige movies, but studios still release movies every single week. If a movie comes out at the beginning of January, it is either counter-programming, or just terrible, or sometimes there’s some real gems.

Illya’s short end: In 2020, we should bring back some old-timey phrases from the 1920’s.

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