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November 11, 2019

Mike Figgis, Oscar-nominated director of Leaving Las Vegas, Timecode, Internal Affairs, Somebody Up There Likes Me

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 52: Director Mike Figgis

Writer/Director/Composer/Photographer and experimental filmmaker Mike Figgis has never restricted his art to just one medium. In our interview, he discusses his love of filmmaking and his transition to digital after Leaving Las Vegas with the film Timecode. Timecode featured four cameras recording each take simultaneously, showing multiple perspectives in four different quadrants of the screen. Of course, as he tells us in his War Story, this presented some problems when trying to sync everything when it screened at film festivals. Mike’s upcoming documentary, Somebody Up There Likes Me, is about Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Find Mike Figgis

Twitter: @TheMikeFiggis

Instagram: @figgismike

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Close Focus discussion- The Streaming Wars: between Disney+, Netflix, Amazon and etc, will people continue to subscribe individually, or will packaging eventually become an option?

Illya’s short end: Seeing the band OK Go in concert, and how they and others are elevating the art form of music videos.

Ben’s short end: HBO embracing the idea of podcasting, and it now has a podcast exploring “Watchmen,” with Craig Mazin interviewing executive producer Damon Lindelof. The podcast does a deep dive into how these high-end TV shows are put together.

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