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October 1, 2019

Salvatore Totino, ASC talks Any Given Sunday, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon, The Da Vinci Code, Spider-Man: Homecoming, working with Oliver Stone, Ron Howard, and more

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 47

Salvatore Totino, ASC

Sal Totino feels that the creative process is all about drawing on your personal experience and caring passionately about what you do. The son of Italian immigrants, Sal Totino grew up in Brooklyn, NY and began his career as a music video and commercial DP before landing his first feature on Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday. He’s worked with Ron Howard on eight films including The Missing, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon and The Da Vinci Code. Sal has two upcoming films: The Postcard Killings and The Tax Collector.

Find Sal Totino

Instagram: @stotino

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NEW SEGMENT! Close Focus:

In our new segment at the top of the show titled Close Focus, (thanks to George Feucht for the name!) Ben and Illya discuss the politics of being a cinematographer: managing large shoots and camera departments on big budget movies; training and mentoring new camera people and potentially creating more competition for jobs; being the leader and spokesperson for the crew on set; nepotism and favoritism; building and trading on your contacts and relationships; and finding the passion for a project even if it’s for a favor or just a paycheck.

Ben’s short end: LaCie Rugged BOSS drives

Illya’s short end: The new Amazon series Undone and the animated rotoscope effects used.

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