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Ep 21 – Larry Fong, ASC – Talks Kong: Skull Island, Watchmen, Zack Snyder, Gal Gadot, shooting Super 8 with JJ Abrams and much more

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 21 – Larry Fong, ASC

Cinematographer Larry Fong, ASC

Larry Fong, ASC has shot some of the biggest studio summer movies of  all time.   In this fantastic interview Larry discusses highlights from his filmography including early work on music videos, shooting the the TV series Lost, major blockbusters like 300, Watchmen, Dawn of Justice, Super 8 and Kong: Skull Island with directors Zack Snyder, JJ Abrams, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

The War Story is from Johnny Derango

Illya’s short End this week is the highly controversial topic of media consolidation.

Ben’s short End this week is “blockchain” and it’s potential use as media copy protection.

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Editor in Chief:  Illya Friedman
Host: Ben Rock
Producer: Alana Kode
Editor: Mike Willbanks
Composer: Kays Alatractchi

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    1. Hi Bernd,

      Unfortunately iTunes can sometimes take 48 hours to update their feeds. It doesn’t usually happen but twice before we’ve had to wait 36+ for a new episode to go live. We’ve done everything correctly on our end, so hopefully they will refresh their RSS and it will be up there. Since all the other service take their feeds from iTunes, it should show up everywhere once that happens.

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