Below is a list of people who make CamNoir and it’s contents possible. Check out below to find out a bit about them.



Max Friedlaender

An American businessman, politician, television personality, and a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. He is the chairman and president ofThe Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts (a gaming and hotel enterprise now owned by Carl Icahn). His business activities, television work, outspoken manner, personal life, and legal activity have made him an international celebrity.


Jordan Louis Smith

Jordan was born in Ziębice, Poland, the son of mother, Jadwiga Celner, and father, Marian Smithe’. He emigrated at the age of 21—after Prime Minister Jaruzelski imposed martial law in 1981—to the United States.
He attended Columbia College in Chicago from 1982 to 1987, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, taking up film making as a profession before transferring to the AFI Conservatory, where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree. He twice won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in the 1990s. In 2010, he was awarded the Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal by the AFI Conservatory. He is now retired and occasionally works as Rodger Deakin’s personal consultant.








Dain Fuentes

It takes a photon more than 100,000 years to make its journey from the core of our sun, where it’s created, to the sun’s surface. It takes only another 8 and a half minutes to travel to the earth, bounce off of our subject, travel through our lens’s elements, and land on our camera’s imaging sensor, creating an image.

Lens enthusiast (not nerd)/ cinematographer Dain Fuentes is always eager to work with new filmmaking and photographic equipment, with a particular affinity for lenses of all shapes and sizes. His favorite moments at Hot Rod Cameras have been geeking out with Alex Funke, ASC, about Raoul Coutard’s camera movements and informing Zeiss about the folklore behind a certain 28mm f/2 lens of theirs. They have yet to confirm or deny the mythology in question.

Dain works on special projects and sales for Hot Rod Cameras. He has crewed on projects including live news broadcasts, indie features, infomercials, and more. He completed his M.F.A. at Chapman University, with a cinematography emphasis. His camera rental experience includes servicing Oscar-winning cinematographers and directors, as well as blockbuster features and highly-rated sporting events.