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March 31, 2020

DP Laura Merians Gonçalves on Pacified, shooting in Brazil, starting out as best boy electric on Bully, music videos, her love of Super 8 film

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 69: Laura Merians Gonçalves

As a kid, Laura Merians Gonçalves would play around with a Super 8 camera and make visual collages. But it was only for fun, and she had a degree in philosophy and was planning on traveling and studying martial arts in Japan when she got a summer job in Florida working as best boy electric on Bullydirected by Larry Clark and shot by Steve Gainer. The film unionized and Laura was able to make a career in movies as a best boy and electrician. Her experience with martial arts influences her perspective on cinematography- learning a craft requires time, commitment, patience and practice. It took time for her to gravitate to the camera department and develop a skill through shooting short films, documentaries and reality TV. She further honed her skill with music videos for Bjork, Beyonce, Atoms for Peace, and Snow Patrol. Laura’s most recent film, Pacified, takes place in the favelas of Brazil and won Best Cinematographer’s Debut at last year’s Camerimage International Film Festival.

Find Laura Merians Gonçalves

Instagram: @lauramerians

Laura was recently featured in American Cinematographer’s Rising Stars of 2020.

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Close Focus: Unsold indie films are getting second chances with streaming buyers as they seek finished content that’s ready to go during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ben’s short end: Stuart Gordon, known for his cult classic horror films, was a filmmaker, theatre director, screenwriter, playwright, and personal friend of Ben’s, recently passed away.

Illya’s short end: Ozark season 3 on Netflix- still an amazing show.

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