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November 25, 2019

Rodrigo Prieto, ASC: Oscar-nominated cinematographer for Silence and Brokeback Mountain, talks Martin Scorsese, The Irishman, The Wolf of Wall Street, Amores Perros, Argo and more

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 54: Rodrigo Prieto, ASC

Rodrigo Prieto has shot many different movies with numerous looks and feelings. His visual take on the various films he’s worked on comes from understanding the script, who the characters are, and doing extensive research, usually through looking at still photographs. The Irishman is Rodrigo’s third collaboration with Martin Scorsese. For Rodrigo, Scorsese has always been a huge inspiration and he has an incredible time working with the director. The Irishman was also an amazing opportunity for him to work with such skilled actors. Though the film required lots of scouting and preparation, the actors still had room for some improvisation. The Irishman is currently playing in theaters.

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Close Focus discussion: Do influencers actually influence anything? It seems meaningless these days- it’s much better to be considered an expert or a thought leader.

Ben’s short end: Another podcast! You Must Remember This with Karina Longworth, specifically the episode “Six Degrees of Song of the South,” dealing with Walt Disney’s Song of the South.

Illya’s short end: 2020 Oscar predictions and short lists.

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