Ep 18 – Suny Behar – Speaks with us about his journey, HBO, cinematography, technology and changing the industry

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The Cinematography Podcast Episode 18 – Suny Behar

Director of Photography, Entrepreneur and Technologist Suny Behar is our featured guest.

Suny Behar is a Director of Photography, Entrepreneur and Technologist. Unless you work on the technical side of the Motion Picture/TV industry you’ve probably not ever heard of Suny Behar as he keeps a low profile on the internet. But even if you have never heard of him, you have him to thank for the look of a lot of the TV and movies you watch today.

The War Story is from Rachel Morrison

Illya’s short End this week is the “Panasonic AF100/Old Technology” as used on the feature The Raid:Redemption.

Ben’s short End this week is the Netflix Series Wormwood.

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