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Cinematography Podcast

April 24, 2016

Cinematography Podcast – Backlight Ep.4

“Something New”
Taking place in mid-April, NAB 2016 has once again come and gone. In this 4th episode of The Cinematography Podcast: Backlight, Illya Friedman explains what NAB is, and why we should or should not be paying attention.

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April 10, 2016

VIDEO PODCAST! Backlight Tour – Episode 3 – Jean-Marc Vallée

The Cinematography Podcast Backlight TOUR – Episode 3 – Jean-Marc Vallée

Backlight Tour attended the U.S. Premiere of the new feature film, Demolition. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper and is Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. We asked Mr. Vallée to discuss working with his frequent collaborator, Academy Award nominated Cinematographer Yves Bélanger, CSC (Demolition, Brooklyn, Dallas Buyers Club, Wild.)


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April 8, 2016

VIDEO PODCAST! Backlight Tour – Episode 2 – Sundance

The Cinematography Podcast Backlight TOUR – Episode 2 – Sundance

This is second episode of the new Backlight Tour web series. Host Illya Friedman sits down with Kirsten Johnson, Cinematographer and Filmmaker of the new feature film “Cameraperson,” which had it’s world premiere at the 2016 Sundance film festival. Cameraperson is a feature length memoir spanning Ms. Johnson’s 25+ year career. Her credits include the critically acclaimed “This Film is Not Yet Rated,” and the Academy Award winner for Best Documentary “Citizenfour.”


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March 23, 2016

VIDEO PODCAST! Backlight Tour – Episode 1 Sundance

The Cinematography Podcast Backlight TOUR – Episode 1 Sundance

This is the first episode of the new web series from the Cinematography Podcast. Backlight Tour is like the “Travel and Leisure” section of the Cinematography Podcast and in each episode host Illya Friedman brings you practical, first hand information and introduces you to filmmakers and industry professionals you should be following.


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February 25, 2016

Ep 9 – Bill Totolo

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 9 – Bill Totolo

The long form Cinematography Podcast is back with an outstanding interview from Director of Photography Bill Totolo.

The War Story is from Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC

Illya’s Short End this week is “TV.”

Ben’s Short End is the Podcast “You Must Remember This“, the EYEDIRECT teleprompter and the Adobe Morph-Cut Transition

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January 19, 2016

Cinematography Podcast – Backlight Ep.3

“We Cheat”

Cheating is rampant across the motion picture and television industry. In this episode of Backlight Illya Friedman takes a quick dive into the world of cheating and what happens when time runs out on the shooting day. Maybe some of us deserve a “Gold Star.”

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January 12, 2016

Cinematography Podcast – Backlight Ep.2

“Chart a Course”

In this episode of Backlight Illya Friedman gives an overview of the how Cinematographers work with filters creatively and explores the “I.D. Filter” which metaphysically shapes the perception of people and things. Also what exactly is that shoe box-looking thing on the end of a lens? Wonder no more.

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January 4, 2016

Cinematography Podcast – Backlight Ep.1

Backlight is a new short-format program from the makers of the Cinematography Podcast. New episodes expected to arrive on iTunes every Monday.

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February 18, 2015

Ep 7 – Sundance Wrap-Up

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 7 – Sundance 2015 Wrap-Up

In our first ever “Mini Episode” Ben and Illya chat with producer Mark Stoloroff who serves as expert commentator for a brief wrap up of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Show notes

Mark is offering a 20% discount to Cinematography Podcast listeners to his next No Budget Film School class coming up February 28 and March 1, 2015.

Click on the following link, select “Enter Promotional Code” and enter the word: hotrod

Mark Stoloroff can be found at

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January 15, 2015

Ep 6 – Jendra Jarnagin

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 6 – Jendra Jarnagin

In this episode Ben Rock interviews Director of Photography Jendra Jarnagin

The War Story is from Director of Photography Mike Mickens

Ben’s Short End is the Vimeo series High Maintenance.  And Illya’s Short End is professional LED Lights from Fiilex.

Show notes

We are waiting for access to a monochrome D16 in order to shoot a quick native B&W D16 vs. desaturated color D16 to illustrate the difference between the cameras.

Quickly here’s the real advantages of a native monochrome camera
– No CFA (color filter array), this means greater sensitivity on the D16 maximum ISO jumps from 400 to 800.
– More visible resolution.
– More accurate total range.

The links below all illustrate some of these facts, for a generally more scientific explanation of what is happening at the imaging sensor level, I recommend looking at the link below.

Here are the links to the current crop of native monochrome digital cinema cameras, and their associated purchase price ranges:

Arri Alexa XT B&W (Rental Only)
Red Epic Monochrome $25,000 – $45,000
Digital Bolex D16M $3,799 – $4,299

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