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April 20, 2020

BONUS Episode: The Sound of Silence director Michael Tyburski

The Cinematography Podcast BONUS Episode: The Sound of Silence director Michael Tyburski

It’s a very special Shelter In Place episode as we dig into our archives to bring you some past podcasts you might have missed.

Illya sat down with director Michael Tyburski during 2019’s Sundance Film Festival to talk about his film, The Sound of Silence (in a rather noisy setting!) The movie is about a “house tuner” in New York City- a fictional job he made up for the film. Peter Saarsgard plays the house tuner, who listens for discordant tones in the home and adjusts them to create emotional resonance and harmony. Michael Tyburski talks about directing his first feature film shot by cinematographer Eric Lin. He discusses the color palette, directing Peter Saarsgard and Rashida Jones, and of course the importance of sound, music and sound design in the movie.

You can stream The Sound of Silence right now on Hulu.

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